Glazed Partitions

Clansman Interiors are one of the leading glazed partitions and fire screen contractors in Scotland.

Working alongside many of the country’s leading partition manufacturers allows us to offer the widest range of Aesthetics, Acoustics, and Fire Ratings to suit most types of commercial property applications. Our glazed screen systems include:

  • Frameless
  • Framed
  • Single Glazed
  • Double Glazed
  • Glazed doors, framed, frameless, sliding
  • Single and Double Leaf Timber Doors
  • Fire Screens and Doors

With Integral Blinds or Manifestations as required.

We can also offer 30/60/120 minute fire rating to our  Systems. Contact us for assistance including a ‘K30 Specification Service’.

Types of Glazed Partition

Interior partitions come in all shapes and sizes and materials and cater for different functions and performances.

This includes, glazed partitions, glazed screens, glass walls room dividers, demountable partitions, frameless glazing, glass walls, sliding room dividers, folding walls, sliding partition walls, storage wall and fire partitions.

Partitioned Glass Panel Office

Glazed Partitions for all Applications

Many types of buildings require partitions either as part of a new build, a total refurbishment a part refurbishment or simply an ongoing change of needs for day to day operations.

Typical projects and building type where Clansman can provide partitions for include:

  • Offices of all types and sizes
  • Schools, Colleges, Universities and Educational Buildings
  • Museums, Sport Clubs, Gyms and Leisure Facilities
  • Shops, Malls and Retail Operations
  • Manufacturing and Industrial Premises
  • Call Centres
  • Hospitals, Health Centres and Health Care Facilities
  • Airports, Stations, Ferry Terminals and Transport Facilities

Top Brand Glazed Partitions

Clansman Interiors are proud to use only the highest quality manufactured glazed partitions available. Glazed partition brands we supply and install include:

Glazed Partitions, Glazed Screens, Glass Walls, Frameless Glazing

These are all descriptions of partitions which are either partially of fully transparent. Their main purpose is to allow as much daylight in or through a room but still provide a degree of privacy.

Demountable Partitions

A partition which provides some flexibility and can be moved and reused in another position for a variety of different application depending on business requirements.

Demountable Partitions come in a variety of materials, colours, finishes and properties.

Folding Walls

Some buildings require rooms with multiple uses, sizes and layouts. Folding walls provide great flexibility for this purpose. Folding Walls provide a lot of the benefits of permanent demountable partition but they can be easily and quickly collapsed to provide multiple room sizes to suit your immediate needs.

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Patterned Glass Partitions, Custom Glass

A common request for us is to provide glazed partitions which have an embedded image or visual design feature. This is typically a company logo, a picture scene, an image supporting the brand or a piece of custom art. This used to be called frosted glass but this phrase has generally been replaced by Bespoke Glazed Screens.

We can put virtually anything on a glazed partition to suit your needs. If you can provide the graphics we can create a bespoke glass wall.


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Acoustic Properties

All partitions have some degree of acoustic insulation. However, if you have a specific need to prevent sound travelling between rooms e.g. a Conference Room or a Board Room Meeting Room you really need to select a partition with the correct acoustic performance.

It’s worth remembering that sound can travel between rooms in all directions so if you need to insulate a room you have to consider all the surface interfaces (walls, ceiling, floor, doors windows, HVAC) and make sure you address all possible routes for noise transmission.

Special Applications

If you need a partition for any specific application we can provide it for you. Typical examples include hygienic partitions for kitchens and food preparation areas, manufacturing process areas, health care or science labs.

Thermal Properties

All partitions have a degrees of thermal insulation. Sometimes a partition has a requirement for a particular thermal performance. We can provide partitions to suit any specified thermal performance for your application.