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Glazed Screens, Partitions & Fire Screens Photo Gallery

As one of Scotland’s leading Glazed Partitions and Fire Screen Contractors, we are a Registered, Approved, or Recommended
contractor for 5 leading manufacturers.

These relationships allow us to offer the widest range of aesthetics, acoustics, and fire ratings, to suit most types of applications.

Our systems include ‘Frameless’, ‘Framed’, ‘Single Glazed’, ‘Double Glazed’, ‘Glazed Hinged and Sliding Doors’, ‘Single and
Double Leaf Timber Doors’ with Integral Blinds or Manifestations as may be required. We can also offer 60/60 Fire Ratings
to our Single Glazed Frameless System.

For any assistance including a ‘K30 Specification Service’, please contact our office.