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Finance lease options for office refurbishments

Are you in urgent need of an office refurbishment but are worried about financing it? Clansman have the solution.

We can provide tax efficient, cost-effective finance leasing that enables you to spread the cost of your office refurbishment over a period of years that suits your budget and circumstance.

Under what circumstances is finance leasing available?

Finance leasing is ideal if your business or organisation needs its premises’ interior upgraded to make it more efficient, to make it a more comfortable working environment or just to make it look more attractive. It is especially attractive if your business doesn’t have the capital to pay for a deposit or lump sum prior to refurbishment work starting.

Refurbishment finance leasing

How does it work?

Once a figure is arrived at for the cost of your refurbishment you can arrange a repayment plan and spread the cost over 3-5 years. Payments are fixed which means there will be no nasty financial surprises e.g. from interest rate rises, and gives you the freedom to budget in the knowledge that your refurbishment investment is covered.

Finance leasing for other sectors

Finance leasing for refurbishments and fit outs isn’t limited to offices. We can provide it for a variety of business sectors such as:

  • Catering and hospitality
    • Including catering equipment, workstations, furniture, air con systems
  • Retail, Sport and Leisure
    • Including shop-fitting, lockers, lighting systems
  • Nursing and care homes
    • Including standard and specialist furniture, specialist beds, lighting

finance leasing for office refurbishment fit out

Availability of finance leasing includes refurbishment of existing properties and premises, extensions of existing establishments as well as our involvement in new builds.


  • No upfront payments required.
  • No capital or cash payments required.
  • No bank loans to organise.
  • Allows you to hold on to your existing cash reserves.
  • Flexible repayment plans available.
  • Fixed payments available.
  • Lease rental payments are 100% allowable against taxable profit.
  • Not limited to office refurbishment/fit out. Office equipment including computers can be included in the package.
  • Includes planning, installation and warranty.
  • Very quick to arrange.


  • We can’t think of any!

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A common request for us is to provide glazed partitions which have an embedded image or visual design feature. This is typically a company logo, a picture scene, an image supporting the brand or a piece of custom art. This used to be called frosted glass but this phrase has generally been replaced by Bespoke Glazed Screens.

We can put virtually anything on a glazed partition to suit your needs. If you can provide the graphics we can create a bespoke glass wall.